Technology Is Changing the Management of International Divorces

Friday January 24, 2020

Divorce and TechnologyDivorce is rarely as straightforward as it seems, and it becomes even more complicated when it concerns an international couple who maybe in different countries.

From time zones to regulations, managing a divorce is difficult to do when key parties are spread out over the globe. Luckily, technology is making it easier to manage the process.

New Management Strategies

There are a few key ways that technology is impacting international divorce management:

  • Communication: Mobile technology has made it easier for people to get in touch with one another. Tools like emails, text messaging and WhatsApp are cost-effective and convenient ways to keep everyone in the loop. When people get real-time updates, they can make better decisions and plan ahead.
  • Timing: Working 9 to 5 in international divorce is extremely limiting. With technology, professionals can work whenever suits their clients best. If there are any urgent questions pertaining to their children or assets, clients can get the answers they need even if they’re not asking during regular business hours.
  • Accessibility: The cloud makes it possible to access information anywhere, anytime. Documents can be shared, updated and stored instantly. Technology also makes it faster for agreements to be settled and then written up via electronic communication. It all translates to a more streamlined divorce process.
  • Available information: Check out the link on our website which enables you to find useful information concerning your own set of circumstances and can provide us with very useful background information enabling us to more effectively and efficiently advise you.
  • Rapport: Technology is making it easier to build relationships with people in different countries. When you can’t meet someone face-to-face, video is the next best thing. It’s difficult to establish a relationship solely over the phone (and even harder over email).

Real-Life Examples

There are plenty of ways that technology can be applied to real-life examples in international divorce management. For instance, in a recent meeting we had lawyers in 3 different offices in London and our client was abroad in the Middle East. Despite the distance,  using video technology we were all able to effectively work together.

During the conference, we used video to facilitate the conversation. Everyone had access to the same documents and all parties could see what documents we were discussing and point to parts of a document we wished to highlight.    Body language is often more important than what’s being said, video became an invaluable tool for us. Being able to pick up on those subtle cues made it possible to shape and steer the conversation in the right direction.

In a recent international mediation scenario, we had the mediator in the US and each team had a US lawyer in the US and the client and UK lawyer in the UK. We used video conference faculties to enable each team to communicate together and then to enable the mediator to shuttle between the two teams helping the parties reach agreements.

International Client Tips

If you’re looking for help with your divorce, look for a lawyer who can conduct initial conversations over a video service like Zoom. If you work with us and are unable to meet us face to face in London , we typically conduct  our initial extended meeting via  video call to discuss your case and the advice we give upon it.

This enables us to better communicate with each other and convey matters that are important to you more effectively  than over the phone or via email when we can’t meet in person.

What Trust Looks Like

divorce can be difficult time for anyone, which is why Helen Pidgeon Solicitors put trust at the heart of our business. Once we have that bond, a solid communication strategy and then a rapport will start to emerge. If you choose us, you can contact us at a time of your convenience. Being abroad can be emotionally challenging time for clients who feel disconnected from the process. We involve you when we need to and look after your case every step of the way. If you’re concerned or apprehensive, we have multiple ways of you being able to communicate with us.

International divorce doesn’t have to be impossible when you have the right technology to help communicate with your lawyers. Whether it’s paperwork, consultations, or conferences, we work with you so there’s less confusion and more effective  communication.

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