Arrangements for your children when your family resides in both US and UK

Friday January 10, 2020

Family in UK and USSeparation can prove challenging for all involved. But when families are split between the US and UK, it becomes all the more difficult to navigate this trying process.

Knowing the similarities and differences between regions can help, however as can understanding just how to proceed. Here’s is some practical advice.

Family Law Similarities and Differences in the US and UK

Although different in many ways, the US and UK agree about a lot regarding divorce, finances arrangements for children. Both are moving toward recognizing the mother and father as equally important in the children’s life, for example and a more equal sharing of a child’s time with them where possible. This has it own challenges when the family may not spend all their time in one country.

Lawyers in both countries mostly wish to help parties reach amicable solutions where possible concerning that work best for the family. There are options such as medication, collaborative divorce and arbitration which are all alternative to a court process.

Challenges in Navigating the relationship with your child from a distance

With over 4,000 miles separating the US and UK, arrangements for your children comes with many complicating factors. Logistics greatly matter. You have to consider the distance as you determine where your children will live and how they will travel between parents. As children enter school, this can prove even more problematic, as they may need to go long stretches between seeing one or other of their parents.

Think about how often children can visit their parent outside the country and how often their parent can visit them. Remember to keep finances in mind to find reasonable arrangements that work for everyone and wholly benefit your children and most importantly that everyone can realistically stick too.

Considerations That Can Make the Process Easier on Everyone

When considering arrangements for children between the US and UK, a little ingenuity can help close the distance between parent and child. Through the leading tech platforms, you can open up communication with regularly scheduled calls and video chats. You can also find mutually acceptable arrangements that help the parent outside the country visit their child more often, especially during the school year. If amicable enough, you could even plan joint vacations from time to time to bring everyone together to the great benefit of your children. By keeping these considerations in mind as you make your arrangements, and beyond, you can help make the process a little bit easier on everyone.

We’re Here If You Need Help with Your International Family Law Case

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